Dear staff, students, parents and well-wishers Cordial greetings from Don Bosco College (Arts and Science), Karaikal Today we stand at the crossroads in our efforts to project Don Bosco College as a centreof learningand excellence as we are in the fifth year of our service. We have strained every sinew to make this college to stand on sound footing by ramping up the number of qualified staff,admitting deserving students and offering necessary infrastructure for the college.

We hope that with the closure of B.Ed, by this year, we will offer the bestof facilities in every wayas it goes for a total makeover and project this college as the best in the town.

The workof education is the work of God and we hope to mine the success of DonBosco’s educational system to the hilt. It is again mystrong conviction that as we strive to become better thanwe are, everything around us becomes better in all dimensions.

Let us join our hands together to drum up the number of new entrants to this nascent college, so that the growth story of our poor neighbourhood may resonate more clearly than ever before as we soldier onwith renewed vigour. Invoking God’s copious blessings on all of you.